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Sally Gives CID talk at Chicago United Conference

November 19, 2013


Sally was the youngest speaker selected to present at the 10th anniversary Changing Color of Leadership Conference this past week. In a talk titled,"Closing the Gap, Widening the Net," she spoke about key ways private companies can partner with public organization to close the achivement gap. Her riveting talk lead to the only standing ovation given to any speaker that night. 


Her talk will be available online soon. To learn more about the event, click here





Sally Recieves Connecting Cultures Award from Changing Worlds Foundation for Support of the Arts

May 22, 2014


Sally was the youngest recipient of the Connecting Cultures Ward from the Changing Worlds Foundation this past week. In a keynote titled,"What happens to a Dream Deferred," she spoke about the importance of ensuring that kids born into poverty have the chance to dream. 


Her talk is available online here. To learn more about the event, click here.





Sally Gives Talk at TEDX UIC

April 11, 2013


Sally was 1 of 6 speakers to present her personal story and how it ties into her research at the first TEDx talk at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 


Sally's emotional narrative left the audience in tears!


Watch the Video here!!


Sally Gives Keynote Address at Chicago Scholars Graduation

May 1, 2013


Chicago Scholars is an amazing pipeline organization that works with disadvantaged youth to achieve their college dreams. The organization five years of seminars, workshops, and mentoring to help low-income and first generation college students apply to and be accepted by colleges, graduate in four years, and smoothly transition into their post-collegiate lives."


Sally was able to speak to over 100 scholars as they celebrated their entry into college for the 2013-2014 school year.


Update: Sally was also ask tp speak at the organization's First Look Conference in June 14, 2014 by popular demand!


 Learn more about Chicago Scholars here





Sally Presents Film Research at International Education Conference

March  28, 2013

​Sally joined students from around the world last month to share innovative solutions to the world's most pressing education challenges. 

Guests at the Education Without Borders conference included former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and seven Nobel Laureates. Sally's presentation focused on the research underlying the film project, HerStory: Girls & Education in Ghana

Friday, April 12, Sally will again be discussing her research at TEDx at the University of Illinois Chicago. You can view a live stream of her talk at

Film's Research to be Presented at TEDx and Education Without Borders 

February 25, 2013

​What drives girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to be academically successful in a country where girls education is still new? What can schools around the world learn from them? Long before we started making a film, Sally spent years researching these questions in Ghana. (View a short video of her research here).

Now, this research will be showcased at two venues this spring--the Education Without Borders conference in Abu Dhabi and TEDx at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Education Without Borders convenes students from around the world to share innovative approaches to solving global education challenges. The TEDx program brings the popular TED brand--talks about "ideas worth spreading"--to local communities. Sally, who is working on her PhD at Northwestern University, was one of six speakers selected to participate in TEDx at the University of Illinois Chicago.

For each presentation, Sally will discuss issues underlying the film. Check back here for a recap of her talks!


What keeps girls out of school?

February 10, 2013

Girls in developing countries are denied their educations for reasons such as early marriages and pregnancies, lack of access to water and transportation, and extreme poverty that forces them to support their families instead of attend school. 

Take, for instance, these statistics from The Girl Effect:

  • One-third of girls in the developing world will be married before the age of 18

  • Half of the first births in the developing world are to adolescent girls

  • In Sub-Saharan Africa, fewer than 1 in 5 girls makes it to secondary school

Girls’ education campaigns in Ghana have helped double the number of girls in secondary and post-secondary school. Now, girls are gaining access to education like never before in their country's history. Still, many of the global development conversations about girls' education focus on the barriers that keep girls from going to school. This film is unique because it acknowledges these important barriers and then takes the issue a step further by addressing the challenges girls face when they are able to attend and stay in school. 

By following three high-achieving Ghanaian girls in their last year of secondary school, this film will look at what makes these girls from disadvantaged circumstances succeed. 

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