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It cost a total of $1000.00 US dollars to take one girl through a year of school at the best public universities in Ghana. This means a girl can get a four year college degree for a total of $4,000 dollars.

Unfortunately, many still cannot afford to pay this. The TWII FOUNDATION was started to help more girls become the first in their  family to complete college. We do this through 3 separate funds:

The Herstory Girls in Ghana Scholarship

This scholarship supports high school girls striving to be the first in their family to graduate college by providing fully funded four year scholarships.

The HerStory Emergency Fund

This scholarship support girls who are the first in their families to go to college but due to an extenuating circumstance will not be able to continue. We intervene to get them to the finish line.

The Afia Serwaah Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded on annual basis  to a girl from the Asante region who is unable to afford college. It was started by the Ceo of Ran Tranz-World Export & Import, Robert Nuamah on behalf of his mom who who was admitted in college in Ghana but was unable to afford to attend.

To contribute to either of these scholarships send a check to: TWII Foundation, 1648 N. Vine suite 101, Chicago IL 60614. 90% of all proceeds are invested in scholarships for girls and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please specify the fund in your donation. You may also click the button below to donate online.


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