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HerStory Official Film Trailer 


 HerStory at TEDxChicago



Charlotte is the first female vice president of her class in the school's 60-year history. With a volatile home life, Charlotte proves through her leadership at school that, as she says, she is “not afraid of anyone or anything."


Esther wakes up at four a.m. each morning to study, pray, and clean before going to school and working at her aunt's store. Having no money to buy books is just one of the challenges she overcomes to be at the top of her class.


Lilly has turned down several marriage proposals to stay in school, showing the cultural norms and gender dynamics facing girls trying to continue their educations.

A documentary film and organization about girls’ education, global development, and closing the achievement gap in schools worldwide.

​First, we created a short documentary film that takes the issue a step further.

By following three high-achieving Ghanaian girls in their last year of secondary school, this film looks at what makes these girls from disadvantaged circumstances succeed.

We show how these three students represent a brighter future for girls like them, their country, and the developing world. We also illustrate how they offer insight into solving the biggest challenge facing education systems across the globe: how to close the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.

Now, we are taking our efforts a step further through the establishment of the TWII Foundation; an organization that provides college scholarships for girls to be the first in their families to graduate college.

The outcomes of educating women in developing countries can't be ignored. They earn more money. They raise healthier, more educated families. They lift their households out of poverty. And ultimately, they create change in their communities.

It's true—when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

Girls’ education campaigns in Ghana have helped double the number of girls in secondary and post-secondary school. Now, girls are gaining access to education like never before in their country's history. Still, many of the global development conversations about girls' education focus on the barriers that keep girls from going to school.



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