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HerStory Director, Sally Nuamah, Featured on Her Agenda Blog

Special thanks to Her Agenda for developing a feature length story on Sally and the Film Project! A short excerpt is feature below. Please be surve to check out the full article here:

What It Takes:Sally Nuamah, creator of HerStory

Sally Nuamah returned to the homeland of her parents, Ghana, to document the experiences of low-income girls striving to become the first females in their families to go to college

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Masani Bailey

Story Starts Here

To say Sally Nuamah is impressive would be a severe understatement. She’s a pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, the recipient of the Princeton Prize award for improvement in race relations, a Gates Millennium scholar, and a PhD Candidate at Northwestern University. While she was interning for former senator, now president, Barack Obama in 2009 as his health policy intern, she began collecting footage for her documentary on education in Ghana later called “HerStory.” Sally Nuamah is no stranger to the importance of education, and she wanted to explore the experiences of women in Ghana who had to overcome so much simply to get their education. Her Agenda caught up with Sally to discuss how she views education on a global scale, “HerStory” and how it’s never too soon to give back.

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