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Spotlight: Linda Appiah Graduates Class Valedictorian- the journey to get there

Friends, let me tell you about Linda:

I met her when she was already in her first year of college. She came from a family of 8. Worked two jobs in secondary school to pay for her first year of college, ended up on the deans list but then had no money or support to continue her education.

We decided to intervene to provide her the support she needed through college. But then she ended up getting seriously ill after a stroke in her second year - forcing her to take a break from school. She was crushed.

Fortunately, she slowly got better and then returned like she never left. She took on leadership roles across campus while somehow maintaining close to a 4.0 GPA.

Last week, she not only became the first girl in her family to go to and through college - graduating with a B.A. in finance and commerce from UCC - she was named the VALEDICTORIAN! She gave the speech, and graduated FIRST in her class.

We couldn't have predicted this outcome, (and frankly, even if she graduated last in her class we'd still be proud ). Yet, it shows how important it is to give young people a fighting to chance to show the world who and what they can be.

- Sally Nuamah


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