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All Three Girls in the Film Graduate!

HerStory, the film, and TWII foundation, an organization was created to raise money for college scholarships on behalf of the girls in the film and girls like them, who have the ability but lack the resources to attend college.

Today, 7 years since we first met them, these girls are now the first girls in their families to complete college!!! They made HerStory. And we were able to fully fund them through the process.

Thank you to all of my friends and strangers who contributed directly to their scholarships. You have fundamentally changed lives.

To the herstory girls, and now graduates: Charlotte, Esther and Lilly thank you for being an inspiration to so many girls around the world.

Folks, please join us in celebrating our FIRST group of girl graduates on such a remarkable accomplishment. And please join us in helping many more as we embark to select a new group of girl students this fall!

Make a tax deductible contribution online or mail your donation to 1648 N. Vine Suite 101, Chicago, Il 60614, today!


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