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Founder, Sally Nuamah, releases How Girls Achieve (Harvard University Press)

How Girls Achieve, is officially available for pre-order. In honor of Women's HerStory month, the book is discounted the entire month on Amazon.

Your support and reviews are appreciated!!!!

As many of you all know, Sally has been working with girls across the U.S., Ghana and South Africa for the past ten years. This book reflects what I have learned about the types of institutions that are necessary for ensuring that disadvantaged girls have access to an equitable education and thus future! Read the reviews in full here!

Join her at a book talk near you.

See dates below:

March 8: Take No Bull Women's Conference, Durham, N.C. April 4: Women Children First, Chicago, IL April 11: Card Carrying Shop, Croning, NY April 19: Book Culture, New York, NY April 23: Regulator Books, Durham, N.C. April 25: Global Women's Institute, Washington, D.C. April 25: Politics and Prose, Washington, D.C. April 26: Blue Stockings, New York, NY May 1: University of Pennsylvania Book Store, Philadelphia, P.A May 2: Book Marks, Winston-Salem, N.C.

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