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2017 Wrap Up

2017 was a great year for us at the TWII Foundation:

- We celebrated the college graduations of two of our girls - both of which graduated at the top of their class!

- We increased our applicant pool by 100%.

- We recieved donations from over 150 new supporters.

- We benefited from independent fundraisers held on our behalf by

Kojo and Tara Clarke, Maritza Pedlar via Mac'N by Mari, and Rachel Kwaw.

- We grew our HerStory Scholarship program beneficiaries by 300% from 8 to 25.

- We partnered with the World Bank-Ghana to provide programming for our girls.

- We recieved a Ford Foundation grant to pilot a gap year program for our girls.

We are grateful for all of those who have helped us to get to this point.

We are excited for the year ahead!

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