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When Scholarship and Mentorship Meet

In January 2018, the TWII Foundation girls discovered that a young women by the name of Rachel Kwaw, whom they had never met, raised money for them to go to school. Last month they got a chance to finally meet her! The girls described the meeting as "powerful." Thanks to Rachel for making a difference in their lives!

Below is a summary of the meeting from our coordinator, Lily Morkli:

Miss Rachel spoke about the fact she was raised in the US most of her life but came to Ghana at a young age and later left for the US where she’s had most of her educational training. She went to college where she studied accounting and after secured a job which she later found out she had no interest in. Since she’s one who likes to study new things, she’s come out with her clothing line and working in the real estates at the moment. She advised the girls to take advantage of opportunities that come their way whiles in school and also told them if they had other interests, they should write them down and work towards achieving them. She also told them to challenge themselves when it came to trying new things like she did herself. We discussed the challenges the girls (both those in tertiary and SHS) were having in school and how they were overcoming them. They were given tips on how to deal with such challenges as when they come. To the ladies in tertiary, we advised them to make good use of opportunities such as seminars, workshops and the like. Gloria and Mavis, who are two of beneficiaries still in SHS had the chance to listen to the experiences of the girls in tertiary so as to prep them for tertiary level too. Some questions were asked by the girls to which they got answers to. We ended the meeting with Miss Rachel hoping to meet the girls one last time before she left for the US.

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